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Waikato Steel Framing Specialists

CH Engineering is a family owned and operated manufacturer of light gauge steel framing here in the mighty Waikato

 We provide a solution to the New Zealand housing crisis. With material shortages, rapidly increasing lead times and costs - CH Engineering's light gauge steel framing offers an environmentally friendly and cost effective building solution.

Waikato Steel Framing

From Humble Beginnings

Starting in 2011 as a “one man and his dog” operating from a garage, CH Engineering was born.

With an extensive 15-year design engineering background, CH Engineering saw a gap in the market of a growing housing industry. Over the last 10 plus years, we have perfected our technique in light gauge steel framing.

We have experience within the Steel Framing industry like no other.

So if you are after a reliable hard working team to help get your project over the line, then give us a call today.

CH Engineering NZ steel framing experts with experience like no other

Benefits of going STEEL

Steel framing is stronger and more stable then timber

Strong &

Steel has an exceptionally high strength to weight ratio, meaning it takes less steel to achieve the same structural strength as timber, and it can span further distances.

Steel framing is insect and pest proof


Unlike Timber, steel is completely pest proof. You will never need to worry about termites and other insects compromising your home.

Steel framing is weather proof


Unlike timber, steel simply doesn't absorb or hold moisture. With steel framing you will never have to worry about exposed framing, waiting for timber to dry or mould buildup.