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LGS Framing perks

Benefits of Steel Framing


Using steel as a construction material means much faster construction times. This is due to the ease of assembly with Lego like building kits.

100% Recyclable

Steel can be reused over and over with no negative effects on it's structural properties, making it a more sustainable option


Steel framing is incredibly light when compared with wood. This makes it very safe for builders to work with and also easy to transport.

Strong &

Steel has an exceptionally high strength to weight ratio, meaning it takes less steel to achieve the same structural strength as timber, and can span further distances.


Unlike Timber, steel is completely pest proof. You will never need to worry about termites and other insects compromising your home.


Unlike timber, steel simply doesn't absorb any water. With steel framing you will never have to worry about exposed framing or waiting for timber to dry.


Steel is priced similar to timber but where you save the money in your back pocket is in the labour costs! Steel takes less time to assemble so is ultimately cheaper.

Longer lasting

We use high quality galvanised steel, well-tested fasteners and technology from FRAMECAD. We offer a 50 year warranty!


Our Steel Framing will not rot, warp or expand, so the house stays watertight. And because it no moisture can get in - it's much healthier to live in

User Friendly

Every piece of our steel comes labelled and cut to length. Going steel reduces work and waste on site, with prepunched holes for pipes and wiring

Fire Resistant

Our steel framing is has high fire resistance. The steel itself has a special flame retardant coating to increase it's rigidity if a fire was to break out. 

Purpose Built

We can create steel framing in whatever dimensions suit your needs. Whether you need different lengths/widths to bear specific loads, or some specific custom features

Less Upkeep

Because our steel framing is such high quality and predictable within the millimeter - there is very little need for maintenance and warranty claims


The steel industry as a whole is consistently lowering it's waste, energy requirements and CO2 emissions year on year


Steel can be used and cut in many creative ways and still maintain it's strength. It's a material of choice for contemporary architects to produce unique designs.