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CH Engineering Projects

400+ Units, 6 months build time, 3000 SQ meters

In 2018 CH Engineering Ltd was approached to do a refit for a Guardian Storage facility which was successfully completed. It was a single level storage facility which was refit to a double story.

We took what we learnt from this project to build a brand-new storage facility in Hamilton North which CH Engineering Ltd built from the ground up. 2020 was of course a challenging year which have been felt by all, but we persevered to complete this project to a high standard. CH Engineering Ltd managed the entire build and was able to provide the speed and efficiency that steel framing has.

There are 3 back to back banks of storage units against the boundary with firewalls with internal partitioning and a double story bank, with back to back units in the middle of the site as well. CH Engineering Ltd are very proud of this project as it highlights all the aspects of what we do. The project has offered its own unique challenges as we maximized the site space with as many storage units as possible.

Building a large structure within a confined space has meant that the construction methodology had to allow for as much off-site work as possible to minimize onsite activity. This is where steel framing assembled at our factory comes in handy. Once delivered to site, the frames were stood up on the concrete pads ready for the next phases. Ultimately, the success of the project relied on the strong collaboration between managing the project and contractors, whose teamwork was integral to delivering this great building for the client.

Dixon Heights Hamilton - built by CH Engineering

CH Engineering has an ongoing building project at Dixon Heights, with an average of 1 house per week being completed to a high standard. All these sites have a mixture of single level homes, 2 level homes or duplexes all designed to the customer’s requirements. It is a project that we at CH Group are very proud to be part of. The relationships that we have built up between us and all the contractors is very strong, and has allowed us to continue with such an exceptional build. Over the last 4 years we have built on over 50 sites, all of which are occupied.