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CH Industries

Steel Purlins for Ceilings/Roofs, Portable Cabins, Garden Sheds & Pre-hung Doors Waikato Wide

Steel Purlins Waikato

Supply & Install

CH Industries can supply steel purlins for ceilings and roofing with an option to install the ceiling battens as well. We take the hassle out of this notoriously tricky job!

Portable Cabins &
Garden Sheds

Versatile cabins, sheds, and sleep outs

CH Industries can make portable cabins, garages and garden sheds to suit your requirements. Cabins are insulated and can be used as a holiday home, studio, office or an extra room at your place, even if you're renting.

CH Engineering. Portable cabin and garden shed manufacturers NZ

Pre-hung Doors

CH Industries can make Pre-hung doors for interior/internal use. 

We have different styles and sizes to suit any build. 

CH Engineering. Portable cabin and garden shed manufacturers NZ

Benefits of going STEEL

Steel framing is very easy to maintain, with little to no upkeep needed

Less Upkeep

Because our steel framing is such high quality and predictable within the millimeter - there is very little need for maintenance and warranty claims

Steel Framing is greener as the steel industry is continually refining it's processes


The steel industry as a whole is consistently lowering it's waste, energy requirements and CO2 emissions year on year

Steel framing is innovative and can be your in many creative ways


Steel can be used and cut in many creative ways and still maintain it's strength. It's a material of choice for contemporary architects to produce unique designs.

CH Engineering is a member of NASH

Member of NASH - the National Association of Steel Framed Housing