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CH Engineering

Steel Framing for Consented & Non-Consented Projects, Waikato

CH Engineering - Waikato's leading steel framing specialists

Sick of waiting for timber?

Building with steel is becoming the preferred building solution for the future. In a risky world where cracked rendering, wet timber and cut-off waste can erode your profit, steel offers a better alternative smart builders are turning to.

Getting Started - The first step is easy!

  • Send us through your plans
  • You'll get a quote for the supply of steel within 5 working days
  • We'll provide all the support and help you to get started with your steel framing

Generally the framing will come to the site perfectly fitting, but if alterations are required it is handy to have a quality pair of aviation snips. You'll also need a cordless impact driver with a selection of bits, including 150mm bits for the deep corners, and either a 34mm hole saw or 34mm stud punch. There is no welding equipment needed. To understand more about the benefits of steel framing for your business, give us a call.

Benefits of going STEEL

Steel Framing works out at being cheaper then timber


Steel is priced similar to timber but where you save the money is in the labour costs! Steel takes much less time to assemble so is ultimately cheaper.

Steel Framing is longer lasting with a 50 year warranty

Longer lasting

We use high quality galvanised steel, well-tested fasteners and technology from FRAMECAD. We offer a 50 year warranty!

Steel framing in a house means less moisture and is healthier to live in


Our Steel Framing will not rot, warp or expand, so the house stays watertight. And because no moisture can get in - it's much healthier to live in!

CH Engineering is a member of NASH

Member of NASH - the National Association of Steel Framed Housing